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Any water that flows into your home’s plumbing enters through the water line. This is the pipe that extends to your home from the city water main. Of all the pipes in your home plumbing system, this is the most important one. So naturally, it’s a good idea to keep your water line in optimal condition. If you have a leak or suspect a problem with your water line, call us immediately to schedule repair services. Pauly’s Plumbing and HVAC offers a wide range of water line installation, replacement and repair services throughout the Winsted & Minnetonka, MN area.

If you need any of our services, call today to book an appointment. With the help of Pauly’s Plumbing and HVAC, you can have a long-lasting, durable water line.

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We Offer Water Line Repair Services

Your water line and plumbing system are designed to function well for many years without incident. However, problems still might arise over time. This is true even with the most efficient water line installation. Like the rest of your home’s plumbing, the water line will likely show signs of trouble when something is not right. But you must pay close attention if want to detect problems with your water line early.

The first thing to look out for is pooling water that suddenly appears in your front or back yard. When a leak is present, the water will rise to the surface and collect on the lawn. In addition, watch your monthly water bill for sudden spikes. A slight shift in either direction is normal. But a jump out of the blue, with no just cause indicates trouble. Keep in mind, a faulty water line will affect your entire plumbing system. The sooner you get your water line repaired, the better. So, don’t hesitate to contact us even if you just suspect an issue.

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Call Today if You’re in Need of Water Leak Repair

Did you know the average U.S. household goes through about 400 gallons of water every day? From showering to toilet flushing to dishes and laundry, your plumbing system carries a heavy load. For that reason, it is important to address issues immediately. If you experience a water leak comes to our skilled professionals. Pauly’s Plumbing and HVAC provides comprehensive repairs and water line installation services. Our goal is to protect your home or business near Winsted, MN from water damage. What’s more, we don’t want you to waste money!

So, if you notice wet spots in random places around your home, cracks in the foundation or other warning signs call (612) 501-6572. Our plumbing professionals offer reliable water leak & water line repair services in Winsted, Minnetonka, Lester Prairie, Howard Lake, Waverly, MN, and nearby communities.

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Choose the Best Water Line Replacement Service Around

Sometimes it is hard to know if you are having budding or minor problems with your plumbing system, or a major water line issue. But, if you have detected a bad or strange odor, standing water on your lawn or sewage backups, you may be facing a serious problem. At Pauly’s Plumbing and HVAC, we offer a full range of water line installation & repair services to address any concern.

Our plumbing and water line services in Montrose, Watertown, Delano, and New Germany, MN include:

  • Cleaning
  • Clog removal
  • Inspections
  • Repairs
  • Replacement

We know how inconvenient, stressful and unpleasant it is to deal with water line issues. For that reason, we strive to ease your anxiety and take over your burden. Pauly’s Plumbing and HVAC offers non-destructive methods, free estimates, upfront pricing, and budget-friendly financing options.

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